Frequently Asked Questions


Who are Modern House Spain?

We are a developer specialised in new holiday developments on the Costa Blanca, with more than 35 years of activity and 5.000 real estate units built.


Collaboration contract:

It offers the collaborating agent to know all the terms and conditions in the marketing and sale of any of the projects of Modern Houses Spain. Thanks to the digital signature the process will take only a few minutes. We seek to establish long term commercial relationships, in total confidence, professionalism, contractual security and profitability (earning money together) with our collaborators.
- Registration and recognition of buyers.
It will be fully valid once the collaborating agent makes the first face-to-face visit with their clients to any of our developments. Then, Modern House Spain will notify via email the registration and recognition of buyers. At that moment, no other collaborator or the client himself will be able to formalize a sale purchase without the consent of the collaborating agent who obtained the registration of the first visit.
- Invoicing and payment of commissions.
The payment of real estate brokerage commissions will be made in different instalments and in accordance with the agreed payments on account. The typical structure will be as follows: at the signing of the purchase contract, during the execution of the work and on the deed and handover of the property.


Online meeting Sales Manager:

Schedule an online meeting with our sales manager at any time and resolve any doubts or questions about our promotions and/or partnership agreement.


Promotions, check availability.

In Modern House Spain we will keep you informed of all the news, status of the works, availability through our website designed specifically for collaborating agents, G drive and monthly newsletter.


Schedule your visit to our developments.

Through our website you can quickly and easily schedule your visits with clients to any of our projects via calendar. We recommend that you make an appointment whenever possible; you will receive more personalised attention from our sales agent and avoid unnecessary waiting times.


Purchasing process.

- Reservation contract or deposit.
A simple document in which a reservation is made for 15 days for a specific property, price, delivery period, amount of 3,000.00 euros. In case of withdrawal from the sale, the buyer will lose the deposit.
- Private contract of sale.
In a private document where all the conditions of sale are included in detail, including plans, licences, quality specifications. At the signing of the contract, the buyer will make an initial down payment, successive payments during the execution of the works and a final amount at the public deed of sale.
- Bank guarantee.
All payments on account made after the signing of the private purchase contract will be guaranteed to the buyer by means of a bank guarantee in the event of non-fulfilment.
- Monitoring of the works.
The buyer and real estate agent may visit the works in progress always by appointment, any changes to the property must be communicated sufficiently in advance to avoid delays in the construction. Any extras or improvements to the property must be paid for in full prior to their execution. We will share photographs on a monthly basis of the construction progress.
- Certificate of execution of the works, invoice and payments on account. Payments agreed during the construction of the house will require from the developer; certificate of execution of the house signed by the architect and invoice of the amount to be paid.
- Inspection of the property prior to handover.
Once the works have been completed, the home will be inspected, and any pending and/or non-conforming works will be recorded in an express document with the purchasers. A deadline will be agreed to rectify such deficiencies.
- Documentation of the property, building book.
On delivery of the property, all the documentation of the property will be made available to the buyer; architect's project, building permit, ten-year insurance, energy efficiency certificate, water and electricity bills, responsible declaration.
- Deed and handover of keys.
The deadline for handover will be fixed in the purchase contract, although the parties may agree on a different date. The signing will take place at the notary's office, together with the final payment and handover of keys.


Mortgage financing.

The buyer and, if applicable, the real estate agent shall be responsible for the task of seeking mortgage financing in the various banks. The developer undertakes to provide all the documentation necessary to obtain the mortgage loan, as well as to assist the property valuer in his visits and valuation report.


After sales.

Once the property has been handed over, any deficiencies or malfunctions that may occur must be communicated by the owner via email. The developer will provide the available dates for the after-sales team to resolve any repairs that may be required.